Vector Geometry, English - Theory and Exercises by Wirth/Siegerist

Numéro de l'article: VG603
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Vector Geometry
Theory and Exercises including solutions
ISBN: 978-3-905681-68-0

Summary of contents: 
Cover, Preface, Table of contents
One of the introductory chapters
One of the main chapters
Exercises to the previous main chapter
Two of the exercises to the whole subject
Continuing Problems


The script includes spacial vector geometry as normally treated in a basic course at the gymnasium and pursues the following concept:
- The theory is clearly structured.
- Each page of theory is followed by a page with space for individual notes.
- The exercises are supplemented with solutions, mostly with solution process.

The theory is aimed to quickly arrive at substantial topics, but at the same time to restrict them to the essential. The exercise part includes 100 exercises to the individual chapters of the theory. In addition, there are 27 exercises covering the topics of the whole script; their difficulty level corresponds to that of a final exam. Some further exercises right at the end address topics which are not treated in the theory part, including the parametric equation of a plane, the sphere equation and the scalar triple product.

56 pages, format A4, multicolored

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